MiQua. LVR-Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne

This blog has been posted as an accompaniment to the building of a new museum in Cologne.

For most blog entries, an English version can be found below the German text. Please feel free to comment on our posts – your input is highly appreciated! For an overview of our museum project, please read the following brief description.

Entwurfsansicht des Museumsbaus
Draft of the new museum building. © Wandel Lorch Architekten

Permanent underground exhibition route and different temporary exhibitions

MiQua will be constructed on and underneath Cologne’s town hall square. A permanent exhibition beneath the town hall square will consist of a 600 m long gallery with a variety of integrated exhibition areas showing some of the most significant archaeological evidence in the history of the city of Cologne and the Rhineland: the Roman Praetorium, the medieval Jewish Quarter and the Goldsmiths‘ Quarter. In the new museum building at the square, an exhibition area dedicated to Jewish history and culture in Cologne, from 1424 to the present day, will be added to the permanent exhibition. Temporary exhibitions will also serve to present further aspects of the 2000-year history of the area.

Praetorium, © Stefan Arendt / LVR-ZMB

Collaboration project between the LVR (Rhineland Regional Association) and the city of Cologne

The „MiQua. LVR-Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne“ project is a collaborative effort. The LVR Administrative Department team is developing the concept for the museum’s content, and the city of Cologne is building the museum. Administrative responsibility will be handed over to the LVR in 2019, and the museum will continue as an independent organisation. The city of Cologne will be in charge of the maintenance of the building and the archaeological Monument.

As part of the publication series „Beiträge zur rheinisch-jüdischen Geschichte“ (Contributions to Rhenish-Jewish History), published by the Fördergesellschaft MiQua-Freunde e. V., Dr Thomas Otten (MiQua Director) and Dr Christiane Twiehaus (Head of Department Jewish History and Culture, MiQua) published detailed information on the concept of the museum in 2018. You can find this publication on the website of the MiQua-Freunde or download it here.